FAQ - Joining Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew - Open Days / Assessment days 2011 - IT IS VERY HARD


I've been getting emails questioning me about joining Emirates Cabin Crew. Since then I am heading for a whole post about it.

Fans of Emirates. Normally, It is very hard, I mean REALLY HARD, to get the job offer. But Listen, if you have a great Curriculum, great past professional career, or If you are a Doctor a Dentist you may get it faster. I am serious about that. You must know that before expend any money on any Open Day adventure worldwide. It is almost impossible, ok?

...You can, by becoming one of our truly international cabin crew team.

You will be based in Dubai, a cosmopolitan city that has rapidly grown into a global tourism and commercial centre that offers something to everyone.

Award-winning Emirates Airline operates an ultra modern and fast growing fleet of wide bodied Airbus and Boeing long haul aircraft. Currently flying to over 100 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Asia , Africa , Australia, New Zealand and the Americas, we are proud of the service delivered by our multi-national team of over 120 nationalities; all trained to the highest standards.

Currently looking for exceptional people who would like to build a career with us and be part of our rapidly growing business. Our recruitment team interviews candidates in many countries across the globe.

In a statement, the company said that the open day activities will kick off at 9.00am sharp and may last for most of the day. “The information session will include a presentation by Emirates’ recruitment officers, followed by interviews. Successful candidates will be invited to attend a selection interview during the course of the week.”

“Interested candidates will have the opportunity to meet the recruitment team and present their curriculum vitae together with a full length and passport-size photographs in business attire.”

Alternatively, the company said, “candidates can complete the application form online and attaching the required photographs at www.emiratesgroupcareers.com as from today.”

“Candidates must be 21 years or over at the time of joining and with a positive attitude. The basic requirements for applicants are an education up to, at least, Matriculation level and fluency in written and spoken English. The ability to communicate in other languages, physical fitness and previous experience in customer service and hospitality are considered added advantages.”

Emirates Manager said that “for the past 13 years, Emirates has been making regular cabin crew recruitments worldwide. Our Recruitment Team is looking for exceptional people who would like to build a career and be part of our rapidly growing airline.”

“All Emirates Cabin Crew start their careers working in the economy cabin. Subject to their performance and the needs of the airline, one will progress to first and business Class cabins, then on to leadership roles on board the aircraft. High performing Maltese Cabin Crew members have been able to attain the position of flight purser within five years.”

Further information can be obtained from: www.emiratesgroupcareers.com

If you are interested in an 'International Lifestyle' with a difference and want to be a part of an award winning team please apply online. 

Candidates may appear in person and submit their CV, passport size and full lenght photographs at the New Emirates Group Headquarters, near Dubai International Airport, Second Floor Auditorium Entrance A, on 17th December 2010 between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Fluency in written and spoken Arabic is essential.

Global Assessment Days for January 2011


United Kingdom, London Ref No: CC/BB/1660205-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now

South Africa, Durban Ref No: CC/BB/1658608-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now

Kenya, Nairobi Ref No: CC/BB/1658808-Jan-2011

09:00 am Register Now

Senegal, Dakar Ref No: CC/BB/1659310-Jan-201109:00 Register Now
Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency IFPNC.

United Kingdom, Manchester Ref No: CC/BB/1660311-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now

India, Kolkata Ref No: CC/AB/1679512-Jan-2011

09:00am Register Now
Remarks: Fluency in reading, written and spoken Bengali is essential. Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Frankfinn Management Consultants.

United Kingdom, London Ref No: CC/BB/1660418-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now

Jordan, Amman Ref No: CC/BB/1659618-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now
Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Reach.

Brazil, Sao Paulo Ref No: CC/BB/1659822-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now
Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Fly Right International.

Morocco, Rabat Ref No: CC/MV/1681422-Jan-201109:00 Hrs. Register Now
Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency CFPNC.

United Kingdom, London Ref No: CC/BB/1660525-Jan-201109:00 am Register Now

Suitable candidates will be shortlisted and contacted for the selection process.

  • Minimum age 21 years at the time of application.
  • Minimum arm reach of 212cms (on tip toes), which will enable you to reach emergency equipment on all aircraft types.
  • Educated to at least high school level with strong problem solving skills.
  • Fluency in written/spoken English (fluency in another language is an asset).
  • Medically fit to meet aircrew requirements.
  • Have a positive attitude with the natural ability to provide excellent service working within a team environment, dealing with people from all cultures.

  • What makes Emirates the fastest-growing airline in the world?
    From the outset, Emirates has been committed to quality and innovation and to exceed customer expectation. More than 400 international awards bear witness to our dedication to these core values.
    We are confident of the travel industry’s long-term growth potential and have a steady management focused on long-term goals. Emirates has an aggressive business development plan which has seen us adding an average of four new destinations every year for the past 23 years and regularly increasing flight frequencies. Currently, we are expanding our fleet with, on average, one new aircraft delivery every month. We have a good product complemented with excellent service and the drive to be the best in whatever we do.
  • What are the opportunities for Cabin Crew in Emirates?
    Being based in Dubai, Emirates offers its Cabin Crew an international lifestyle, an attractive tax-free salary, free quality accommodation and the opportunity to work with an award-winning multicultural team. Salaries for Cabin Crew are competitive and packages of attractive travel benefits and excellent professional development opportunities are available.
  • Is this a rewarding career path and why?
    Working with Emirates will give you endless opportunities: to meet and work with people from over 120 nationalities; to increase your skills and rapidly advance your career. Currently, high performing Cabin Crew have been able to attain the position of Flight Purser within five years and many have also become trainers in cabin service. Many people in middle and upper management joined the airline as Cabin Crew and now work in other departments. Opportunities abound: waiting for you to pursue them, based on performance of course!
  • What is Dubai like as a lifestyle destination?
    From a country that relied on pearl diving, Dubai has now developed into an international tourism and regional business hub. It is a modern cosmopolitan city where people of many cultures and religious backgrounds live and work in harmony. Dubai offers many advantages and prides itself on being one of the most exciting cities in the world. Dubai is a city of contrast, a land where the old and the new, traditional and modern, east and west blend seamlessly to produce a fascinating, mysterious, exciting place with a distinct personality all of its own. There is an endless variety of superb restaurants and sports and leisure facilities catering for all tastes.
  • How long is the contract and is it binding?
    In accordance with current Dubai Government regulations, the contract is a three-year non-binding one, renewable with agreement by Emirates management and crew member. There is a probationary period of six months commencing from the date of joining.
  • Is health care provided?
    Emirates provides all Cabin Crew with a comprehensive package for medical and dental services at the designated Emirates Clinics.
  • Does Emirates provide any insurance cover?
    All Cabin Crew are insured on a 24-hour worldwide basis under life insurance and personal accident insurance policies. The company’s policy on insurance is detailed in The Emirates Group Employee Handbook, which is issued to every employee upon joining the company.
  • Does Emirates offer a pension scheme?
    Emirates provides a non-contributory end of service benefit (EOSB) (a lump sum of money assessed according to salary scale) on completion of the term of your contract.
  • What is the pay structure/allowance?
    Your pay is made up of three components: a fixed basic salary, an hourly pay for operated flights and an overseas allowance.
    Pay Scale for Grade II (entry level):
    Basic monthly salary, tax free in the UAE - AED3,915 (1 US$=approx AED 3.673).
    Flying pay on an hourly basis - AED53.50 paid between chocks off and chocks on. Flying pay is paid in the month following accrual.
    Meal allowances are paid in the currency of the country in which a night stop is made. The company provides free transport to and from the airport and hotel accommodation.
  • When may I apply for concessional travel?
    Rebate travel concessions apply after six months’ service. An unlimited number of ID90 subload tickets and ID50 firm tickets on Emirates only are available for yourself. Limited concessionary travel facilities are available for immediate family members.
  • How much leave will I be entitled to?
    Cabin Crew are entitled to 30 calendar days’ leave per year based on availability of leave slots. One firm annual leave ticket is provided free of charge to your country of origin. After three years of service this may be taken to any destination on the Emirates network.
  • What is accommodation like and is it expensive? Can you live out and still get an allowance?
    Emirates provides most of their employees with either company accommodation or living out allowance (the living out allowance is at the company’s discretion). Emirates provides all new crew with high standard shared accommodation within Dubai. They are all fully air-conditioned. Most have recreational facilities and access to gyms, pools etc.
  • Can my family come to visit and stay with me in company accommodation?
    Family members can stay in your apartment in accordance with the Emirates accommodation regulations.
  • Can different genders share accommodation?
    Dubai is an Islamic country. Men and women cannot share accommodation unless they are married.
  • How often & how soon can I go home?
    All employees are on probation for the first six months of their service. Travel to your home country could, however, take place during this time but, more likely, you would return home on annual leave after six months. We fly to over 100 destinations and you could be rostered to your home country, based on operational requirements.
  • How many job applications does Emirates receive? How many Cabin Crew are working with Emirates at present?
    Emirates receives an average of 15,000 applications for Cabin Crew per month. Over 10,000 Cabin Crew are currently working for the airline.
  • Can I attend a Cabin Crew interview in any country where Emirates recruitment campaigns are being held?
    Yes. If Emirates is not conducting interviews in your home country, you may be invited to attend the selection process in a nearby country or you may choose to attend the Open Information Days as advertised. Should you choose to attend, expenses incurred will not be reimbursed.
  • Do you need previous experience as Cabin Crew?
    Previous Cabin Crew experience is a benefit but not essential.
  • What does Emirates look for in Cabin Crew?
    Irrespective of nationality, we look for a positive attitude, confidence, flexibility, maturity, a friendly disposition, and importantly a genuine passion to help others and to provide quality service. As the job can be physically demanding, we also look for those with resilience and a determination to continually perform well.
  • Do you need another language? What is the predominantly spoken language?
    In Dubai, Arabic and English are widely spoken. Candidates need fluency in spoken and written English. Fluency in another language is an advantage. There are a number of language institutions in Dubai if you wish to learn another language.
  • What is the recruitment process like?
    Candidates are short-listed and undergo an initial screening. Many will then be asked to participate in assessment exercises. Finally, those identified as having potential will be called for an interview. Candidates who fail to make it through the initial screening process may reapply after six months; those who are not successful after the interview may reapply after one year.
  • If selected to join Emirates as Cabin Crew what medical tests are required?
    Two pre-employment medical tests are required: one in your home country at your own expense and one upon arrival in Dubai which will be conducted at the Emirates Group Clinic by doctors qualified in aviation medicine. This is a legal requirement for all Emirates Crew.
  • What is involved in the training? Where does it take place?
    All Cabin Crew recruits go through an initial five-week training course in Dubai, conducted in English at a purpose-built crew training centre that is part of the Emirates Aviation College. Training includes the practical and theoretical aspects of safety, first aid and inflight service on the various aircraft operated by Emirates. The trainees on each course are normally a rich cultural mix. There are regular assessments with stringent pass marks for each module. Hence a high standard of performance and dedication is required.
  • Do you get paid/compensated and are you provided with company accommodation while training?
    Your basic salary is calculated from the first day of joining. Company accommodation is also provided upon your arrival in Dubai.
  • Are you allocated flights as soon as you join training?
    You are given a roster on the day of your graduation at the end of your training. Initially, you will fly as supernumerary so that your performance can be observed and feedback obtained in order to identify any further training needs prior to your first operational flight.
  • When do you get a roster? How many days off do you get in a month?
    Cabin Crew have a monthly roster and have approximately eight days off per month in Dubai.
  • What are promotions based on?
    Cabin Crew promotions are based on assessment of performance.
  • What is the annual leave policy of the company?
    All full-time employees are entitled to paid annual leave. The number of working hours of annual leave provided per calendar year is related to your job grade and is specified in your contract of employment.
  • What are the career development opportunities within Emirates?
    Staff have first opportunity to apply for a vacant position as most of these are advertised internally before being advertised to outside applicants.
    Candidates interested in applying for any internal vacancy should meet the following requirements:
    •  Completion of one year in your current role (position/department).
    •  The minimum qualifications and experience required for the advertised position.
    •  The support of your line manager.
  • What is the probationary period for company employment?
    For all positions, the probationary period is six months from the date of joining the company.
  • What is the Exchange Rate Protection scheme?
    UAE-based expatriate employees, irrespective of nationality, grade or position, are covered by the Exchange Rate Protection (ERP) scheme, unless they are from the USA or any country where the currency is fixed against the US dollar.
    The ERP scheme is intended to provide reasonable protection if you are adversely affected by exchange rate fluctuations in the currency of your home country or the place of your permanent residence. Your ERP currency will be given as per the country of your Annual Leave Destination, and once your ERP is determined it can never be changed. Under the ERP Scheme, 50 per cent of the net basic salary received each month is protected up to a maximum of 15 per cent.
  • What is profit share?
    If the company achieves its profit target, employees receive a profit share payment. The company’s financial year runs from 1st April to 31st March the following year. The company announces its results – and any profit share to be made - in April for the financial year just ended. The profit share is paid in May. The amount varies from year to year and has ranged from two to 14 weeks of basic salary.
    To qualify for the full profit share, you must have been employed for the complete period, 1st April to 31st March. If you joined after the 31st March but before 30th September, you would be entitled to a pro rata amount. If you joined after 30th September, you will have to wait until the next profit share.
  • Do I pay tax on my salary?
    The salary you receive from Emirates is tax free.
  • Do I need to open a UAE bank account?
    Yes, because your salary is paid monthly in UAE dirhams.
  • What is the procedure for obtaining a UAE driving licence?
    Obtaining a UAE driving licence and the costs involved are your responsibility. There many countries which have an agreement with the UAE whereby you can convert your existing driving licence to a UAE driving licence. If you are unable to convert your existing driving licence into a UAE driving licence, then you will have to undergo driving tests conducted by Dubai Police. There are many private driving schools in Dubai and you can register with one of them for driving lessons.

    For the Open Day you will need to bring along with you :
  • Updated CV (Curriculum Vitae) > Now, on the CV, make it clear and un-cluttered, if you’ve had any previous customer service experience then this is a very good idea to have at the top of your resume. Remember, if you haven’t got any previous customer service experience it is not a problem, you’ll probably strike them with something else ! If they think they can train you in customer service they WILL DO IT !
  • 6 Passport Size Photographs > business attire, neatly groomed, looking gorgeous, no scarfs, light make-up for women, non for men ! and most importantly SMILE (even french citizens should smile on those Passport photos). A genuine smile will make the difference when your file is in that pile.
  • 2 Full Sized (10×15 cm) Photographs in Business Attire > Suit, white shirt, tie and shoes for men / Knee length skirt or dress with skin coloured stockings (no scarf) for women. Those photographs will be presented a round table of judges back in Dubai as per the recruitment officer I had, so keep SMILING, give the best of you !
  • 2 casual Full Sized (10×15 cm) Photographs > those photos must be of you in a natural setting, casually dressed, not smoking nor drinking. Alone is best, if you haven’t got any alone, then ones where the recruitment officer can recognize you.
  • Photocopy of your Passport
  • Photocopies of School Certificates
  • PENS and I’m not joking.
That’s all you’ll need to bring. Get ready for those days, as they’ll be testing your patience, nerves and your will of becoming a Cabin Crew.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing this link - but unfortunately it seems to be down? Does anybody here at maiconsoares.blogspot.com have a mirror or another source?


cess.menorias said...

This is great thanks, It's been my long time dream to be part of emirates. :)

I appreciate said...

Thanks Cess,

It would be good to build up some forms in Dubai, especially seeing those Girls holding each door at the airport windows.

Dubai is really quiet I noted that, but each one makes more especial, and warm in there!


John said...

Very nice post!
I'm a totally bald guy, and i will show up on an open day this month...do you think they will hire me??

Thanks a lot!!!-

I appreciate said...

Hi John,

Again, thanks for visiting, read your message is kind like tickles on my foot. Thanks for that!
I am tottaly confident about it. They will hire anyone, fit! I have seem Cabin crew Emirates tottally bald, it may be your profile, half bald, and shaved ones. So It really matters and I am sure you CAN be hired. I ain't got no teasing!

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Erika and I have read about Emirates for months. I submitted an application and received an email inviting me to an interview. I would like to know if you could tell me what I should bring with me to be fully prepared? I know I should have my updated resume and a picture of me.but what else?and how should I dress? What are your tips? ( sorry for so many questions at once but I want to be sure i'm ready for the interview)

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi erika, how long it took you before you got a email response for emirates about your interview?..

Anonymous said...

It took them 2 1/2 months

I appreciate said...


I would sugest you to sleep weel one day before the event, wake up early, arrive in time. Bring a bottle water, a pen, make up, you might like in there. Also, dress up pretty and be yourself. I would recommend you to rent a business attire. you know what I mean? There's so many people in there that don't go plain black and white.

I wish you a very good luck!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where the assessment day will be held in london on 22nd feb?as i still have got no info about the place'
thanks a million!!!!!

I appreciate said...

Open day

United Kingdom, LondonRef No: CC/BB/17079 12-Mar-2011 09:00 am - 2:30 pm Crowne Plaza London- Kensington
100 Cromwell Road

If you'd like to be invited to the AD register now
United Kingdom, LondonRef No: CC/BB/16922 22-Feb-2011 09:00 am

You will receive an invitation email attached all you want to know, as location.
That's all I know for now.

Good Luck

I appreciate said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the info . Just quick question I aplly for Global assessment day in Bucharest on 26th of this month. Do I have to apply first for open day or is it ok to apply for this global assessment day?
Thank you for your answer.

Pervez said...

Are there any open days in Dubai? I'd love to give it a shot :)

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for this informative article! i just returned back home from a visit to uae. i fell in love. truely. i really want to become a flight attendant for emirates now..
there will be an open day next month- i cant wait!
can you please tell me what is generally done for the open day?

Anonymous said...

All the information you are providing are really helpful I would just like to ask if it is mandatory to fill the online application before the open days or you can just go with your CV and in the open day how it works?

Anonymous said...


thank you so much such an important link but i was just wondering if Emirates are going to conduct another interview in Johannesburg latter this year?


S said...


Thanks for all those informations. I made it to the Final Interview and I'm waiting for the Golden Call.

Anonymous said...

hey there....

just wana know something...

emirates is coming to recruit in my contries this wkend and i will b 21yrs old in two month..still can i go for an interview???

plz advise...thanks


Anonymous said...

i'm 20..can i still apply ?Are they strict about the age limit?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing the info.
I applied for the cabin crew position with emirates and got a preliminary selection invitation email after like 1 month.

Am i required to carry with me my C.V on that day?
What are the tips on how to pass the whole interview process?
I really need this job....It will be my Dream come true.


Anonymous said...


I am a Mongolian citizen. But Im now living in Turkey. So I saw the advertisement that there the open day is going to be held on 13th July. I am planning to attend this. However, I am leaving Turkey soon, around 20th July. How long does it take to finish all the interviews and selections? I mean how is the day between the open day and the final interview? Please reply me soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I am an ex cabin crew for qatar airways and emirates..now am maarued and have move to london working for BA in the HR Dept..i would realy like to share with you about my experiences..well honestly lots of people want to be a cabin crew just because they thought about traveling the world and all the benefits that come with it..once you join things turn out to be different, it will be a way of life..everything at start will be nice but as you get along you begin to be fed up...

Qatar iarways recruitment Process:
- to apply for the position, you shall be sure that you meet the minimum requirements, meaning age 21, when i join it was 20 only-lucky was I...at least school certificate and be able to express in english correctly..also your height is important..whatever it be, even if you see you don't meet up with all these the best is to go to as much open days, you never know you might get the job at the end..now you check the website and see if they recruiting in your country...well you can join in any country as long as all expenses are inccured by you..
First Day-you should bring along your CV, full lenghth photo and one passport sized photo..also be well dressed and smile..be friendly with everybody around you..when you drop your CV, smile and greet even if the recruiter doesnt seems to care or reply to your hello, keep smile, wish her a good day and walk straight..

then if you are selected you shall get a call by the end of the day...if you are selected for next day, it will be an assessment day where you gona do group work, english test and they gona check your grooming...well all these are useless koz if you are lucky you get the job..all depend on the recuiter if they like you you get the job...whatever even if you have previous experiences in cabin crew/customer service/airport...it doesnt matter to them...if they like you, you get the job...

the same apply to emirates airlines recuitment...its not realy base on fairness, more on luck..

i know friends that went several times, at the end they got the job, it all depend on the recruiter...different recruiter comes different times...so if yoy fail once dont give up, go on as much as you can...but always with a smile...

also dont waste yout time going to cabin crew school, courses, Iata..if realy you think thats the job of your dream go do a diploma in travel, tourism, hospitality...u know that if after you dont ge the job at least you can make a career in hotel field or airport or cruise, i mean any hospitality job...i think thats all but if you need further detail, am here...i have been brwosing through diffenrent forum and seeing that so much people are eager to get that job, well its a luck job..you can be beautiful, nice, educated, having hospitality/customer service experiences, have height, being passionate to relocate but if that job is not meant fo you, you shall not get it...

Also dont worry about relocating and what you shall bring, once you get the job, they gonna details you what you need to bring and about the housing there and facilities...else the salary and benefits you get both at QR and EK are great...just that Doha is more strict but you shall get along and anyway you will always be visitng other country so no worries...

well Good Luck to All.!!!

Anonymous said...


This is really really useful. I'm just a little confused. Can you tell me the difference between Global Assessment Day and Global Information Open Days?

Is it okay to go to any of these days without any invitation? There's one coming up real soon and I really want to know.


Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me wen is da open day asessment in dubai ??

2f7fc334-ba62-11e0-a618-000bcdcb8a73 said...

Would it be necessary for a candidate to know how to swim?

daahrling said...

thanks for the post and all the information! i got a question, is it really necessary for an applicant to be 21 years old exactly on the day you apply for the job?? i actually wanted to attend an open day in september but my 21st birthday will be in october so actually i'm a month to young.. would that be a problem? i read somewhere else on their website that you need to be 21 years on JOINING the airline(so maybe not necessarily when applying?)
I'd really appreciate it if someone could give me an answer. :)

S said...

Was this all just copied from the emirates website?

Admin said...

do you think it is podssible for a 35-year old flight attendant with 5 years of experience to be succesful in an open day in Emirates?

Anonymous said...

I did apply with emirates online in April but no feedback, i waited for the open day in Kenya, Nairobi invain, please could anyone who has information to notify me of the next open day in Kenya. And do i hav eto apply again? Thank you


K h a o j a o w said...

hi there ive registered for Melbourne 22d Oct but i got invitation letter to go to a different place which is on 8th oct but im thinking to go to open day in Melbourne coz i lived closer can i still do that?????

Anonymous said...

hi there just wanted to know ive been through all the rounds and have done my final one on one interview from about 80 candidates to 22 i think my interview went well but now i wait a full 6 weeks to hear is ther a chance it could be earlyer are they punctual?

sitting at the edge of my seat and its day 2 !

slowly going insane frome cape town SA :)

Anonymous said...

hey i am from Egypt & i wish to be a cabin crew..but when will be the open day assessment in Egypt?
plz reply bk

Anonymous said...

hello I´m from Mexico city and my question is? if i want to become a flight attendant i need to study a career or it is not necesary? i speak very well english. as soon as possible answered please

Lallem said...

Hi, I applied recently and I was offered to attend the "open recruitment day" however its not in my city. i see online that there is a "open recruitment day" in my city. do i have to register in order to attend in my city?

Anonymous said...

Hi all! I'm close to a completion of my online application, but I'm kinda stuck at the photographs stage. Maybe it is so obvious and I might be making myself look stupid by asking this question, but are those photographs need to be taken by the professional? (at the studio?)
I appreciate your answer!

Anonymous said...

Open day - anyone can attend, assessment you have to be invited if you've applied online. Wear red lipstick, business attire, black court shoes. Hair back in a tidy bun. Make sure passport photo you are "smiling" in it. Yes, smiling. Full length photo, you have to have a plain background, hands at side and smiling, don't forget red lippy! No guys not for you lol Make sure you have your passport details on you, a pen, a 2nd pen incase first runs out! Put your cv in a clear file or at least have a paper clip. Have a spare cv copy incase you make it to the next round as you have to fill in another form which requires details on qualifications and employment. Smile! Remember posture. Try and be friendly and talk to others, everyone will be feeling nervous. If you make to round where you have group discussions, don't try and talk over everyone. Try and think of good ideas to add. Example discussion question: Who are the 3 most influential people of the 21st century. Be prepared as you may have to stand up and present the answers and why. They just pick you randomly. BE confident, be positive. They are always watching even when your just sitting there. Be yourself lol as much as possible. Ask questions if you have a good one. The second to last round is another group discussion. example scenario question" if you the plane you were on crashed on a deserted island and you could only take 10 items off for survival, what would they be and why?

ok.. hmm thats all i can think of from when i went for it..

They usually take about half from the final round give or take 1 or 2. Take details of those who made it to final round as you never know you may end up training with them in Dubai :)

yucel said...

i need help! i've attended to assessment day about 3 months ago in Oman and failed.
Today i've received an invation e-mail for the assessment day in my country(Turkey)
means i'm able to attend to the assessment day again?
Please! Any one to inform me?

Anonymous said...

you said that they might ask what are the ten things you would bring with you if the plane crashed what was the answers.. i would be unable to answer with fear of giving the wrong answer can you answer me

parvati said...


I need some information about the open day. I already sent my application form via Emirates website, do I have to wait for their invitation call or e-mail to go for the upcoming Hungarian open day, which is here very soon, or no wait for any respond, just go with my CV and my pics?
Thanx a million for your answer!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Gracious day to u, am martina by name,i submitted my cv late last yr (dec 2011) from Nigeria,and av not gotten any reply (via mail nor call). Also how do i know if am selected,nd how long does it take to be called, just want to know my fate. Your reply will really be appreciated.

Thnks alot

Anonymous said...

I've applied for cabin crew online but im not sure if I am supposed to go to the open/assessment day.
Can anyone reply for this question. Please


Anonymous said...

I am just waiting to join now...
these guys helped me with their book about cabin crew and interviews etc.
Good luck to everyone!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what is the maximum age? And how old is/was the oldest candidate (female and male) that has ever been recruited for the Cabin Crew position in Emirates?
I would appreciate your kind answer. Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Can you pls advise whether it is ok to apply for "Global Assessment Days for March 2012" via emirates website, if there is a remark "Remarks: Preliminary Selections will be done in conjunction with our appointed agency Lalsat."

Can you pls comment on this???

2-nd. Does it mean i need to receive an invitation to go for it?

Thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...


does anyone know how to apply application for emirates cabin crew and what's their email address?

Anonymous said...

Thank u so much for all your information about emirates well i'v apply for emirates cabin crew and they invite me to attend the open day thanks god i was staying till final enter view! So everything was great my question is how long it's gonna be take to know if they hired me or not! My final it was on 8 of January 2012 and they keep emailing me about all documentations and photos ,educations certificates ! I send everything and they email me back to approved that they receive my papers!!! Now I'm waiting do u think I'm gonna make t it's took 2 long I'm scared!! @ what time they will send me final results!!!???????????

Unknown said...

hi plz someone respond to me i applyed for cabin crew and i havent hurd from them yet its almost 1 month ago i applyed what should i do?

Unknown said...

someone plz help me inform me on this when will i be called or emailed.i applyed 1 month ago :(nothing yet :(

Anonymous said...

Hello Maicon Soares,
So helpful your blog. Thanks for it. First of all, let me participate on this forum.
The reason is due I am having my Recruitment Open Day with The Emirates next May, the 11th in Bilbao, Spain and I am almost 35. I am really scared. I know how the competence there is. I do not have any experience at all as a flight attendance but I do have as customer service and many experience I would be able to demonstrate it. I am going to try as this has always been my dream and that is the reason why I have applied for.
What would you as well as others who write on here recommend me to pass the Open Day?
Please give me any tip for that.
I´ll give you my msn if you do not mind or please feel free to write here depending on your availability:
Thanks very much indeed and good luck.
Who knows... Maybe sometimes dreams come true!
Best regards from here.

Anonymous said...


just a question, do i have to wait 6 months if i didn't have a call back after the open day ... i just gave my resume and had a little talk and that's all ... no call back, so i didn't participate to the assessment day ...
do i have to wait 6 months ?

thanks a lot

Airbus_Donny said...


Your posts seem very useful. I have a question. I noticed that there's no upper age-limit for Emirates but on the forum I'm hearing that if you're over 35 they won't recruit you. I find that strange because there's no upper age-limit.

Liz Luvs youhh said...

I've got a question...do you think if you wear a headscarf would be a problem of becoming a flight attendant/cabin crew? do you think they accept you if wear a headscarf??

KristineA said...


I am Kristine Ang from Davao City,Philippines and soon to be graduated with the bachelor degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the holy cross of Davao College here in Davao. I am really interested to work in your good company but my problem is the location because as far as i know the location of your office here in Philippines is located in Manila but i am too far from it?In addition,are your company opens for an online hiring?

thank you and god bless.

Anonymous said...

hi i applied on line to emirates aand i got amessage from the recruitment manager and im in ugANDA .IN aFRICA AND ITS Amonth now they have not emailed nor called me.how long do they take to call

Anonymous said...

hi,i applied online to emirates and i received an email from them stating that they would consider my application against their requirement,my problem is when i opened my application form its a messed,lots of incomplete information ,do you think they would still consider me?it also says in their email that they would call me if they will conduct open days in my country,what do you think?do i have any chance?...

Anonymous said...

Hi Maicon
I read carefully all the information that you gave us.
Very interesting for all of us who wants to become cabin crew. Thanks so much, your blog is very helpful.
But do you really thing that french citizen are not smiling???
This make me smile, I take a look on my photos and you're probably right...Hortensia8

MelanieBlair said...

Hey, hey! My name is Monika and I'm from Bulgaira. I want so much to be a stewardess in Emirates airlines but I dont know where and when are the interviews this year...can someone help me with that?

Thank u soo much!

These people who have answers to my quesstion can write me on myy e-mail kotenceto91@abv.bg

Thank u soo much again!

MelanieBlair said...

Hey, hey! My name is Monika and I'm from Bulgaira. I want so much to be a stewardess in Emirates airlines but I dont know where and when are the interviews this year...can someone help me with that?

Thank u soo much!

These people who have answers to my quesstion can write me on myy e-mail kotenceto91@abv.bg

Thank u soo much again!

Anonymous said...


Quick question: There is no Open Day in my city coming up, just an AD. I'm wondering how long do I have to be registered online for in order to receive and invitation to the AD? The AD is on the 28th of April, roughly a month from now.
CAN I actually be invited to an AD w/out having attended and OD?

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hi! i just want to know what do they mean about visible tattooes? are they also talking about scar? i really wanted to become a flight attendant since i was young, but i"m afraid that they might not hire me because of my scar in my legs. i'm also not good atswimming, is there any possibility i get hired?

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Anonymous said...

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Amir Ghaffar said...

hello sir
this is amir
dear please tell me about the interview and what question they normally ask to the candidate and whats the procedure of recruitment

aparna john said...

Hi,The foreign company does not establish a presence in Qatar, instead an agent is appointed to market goods and services within
company formation in Qatar.Thanks....

Gino said...

hi im agy
Im so much interested in applying for cabin crew in Emirates, but do they require a perfect vision (20/20) for aspirants like me? thanks

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where the recruitment day will be held in Sydney Australia 13th April 2014 ? thanks in advance. I got an invitation but no location update



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